*What makes your tattoo studio Unique?

      We have a high level of customer service. Our studio is open, great lighting and a super chill atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming. We offer 6 Tvs that can play Music, sports , youtube , Hulu, and pandora playlist that your prefer.


*How much does a tattoo cost?

       Each artist at our studio has  their own approach to pricing. They either charge by price or by piece.

*What is the Shop Minimum for a Tattoo?

       The shop minimum is $80 for any tattoo set up regardless if the tattoo takes 10 seconds or more.

*What is the age requirement to get a tattoo?

       We tattoo client that are 18 years or older. NO exceptions!!!

*What do I need to bring for a tattoo appointment?

        Please bring a valid government ID that has your picture on it. No paper copy or picture of your ID in your phone. We will deny the appointment.

*How do I make a tattoo consultation?

        The fastest method to make a tattoo consultation is to view our artist Instagram profiles and Direct Message or email them. You will be instructed to come to the studio and leave a minimum deposit of $100 dollars or more depending on the artist or design. The Artist will take the proper measurements to the area on your body that the tattoo will be placed on. Once that is determined, the Artist will set a calendar date for the tattoo appointment. 

Where are you located?

         We are located in the west side of the City of Fontana, California. Nestles in the middle of the Mulberry Shopping Complex neighboring other business's such as Arco Gas station, Domino's Pizza, Aladdin Bail Bonds and Boost Mobile. 

What type of Tattoo styles do you offer?

         We offer a variety of styles of tattooing. Our tattoo Artist are great at Black and grey Realism tattoos, Color tattoos, Portrait tattoos, traditional tattoos and neo-traditional tattoos. All our tattoo artist can do custom Script tattoos aswell.

How do you approach tattoos the require privacy?

         Our studio is an open design so if you want a tattoo that requires a level of privacy, please request that with our Artist. He or she can ether make the appointment in a off-hour time or they can put up wall barriers to make your experience more comfortable.